Corey  C. Jones

  Birthdate: August 24, 1993

 Team: Austin Gilgronis, USA Eagles 7s, Atlantis, NAV7s,

Arkansas Razorbacks, Little Rock Stormers, Rekavery Selects, Burlington Centaurs, USA South, New Haven Bulldogs.


Bench: 225lb x 7

Squat: 225 x 21

Vertical: 32 inches

40yd time: 4.63

Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas

Height: 6‘4"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Position: Fullback, Scrum half and Outside Center

Shoe size: 12


 Average minutes played per game-

  7's - 14 mins ; 15's - 80 mins

 Total points scored this season

 Highest score in a game - 33pts

 Total trys this season

  • Corey  plans to teach the 6th grade in the future.

  • Corey names his parents as the people whom he admires.

  • Red is Corey's favorite M&M flavor.

  • Corey has a yellow lab named Zoey!

  • Corey's nickname on the Rugby field is "OZ"